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Day at the Spa Packages

Package A

Includes a 60 min Massage, Facial, Signature Manicure, Signature Pedicure, Lunch (from local restaurant). Approximate time at spa 4.5 hours.


Package B

Includes a 90 min Massage, Facial, Signature Manicure, Signature Pedicure, Lunch (from local restaurant). Approximate time at spa 5 hours.



Express Massage

Don’t have time for a full massage session? Try our 30 Minute Express Massage! Scientists have proved that the psychological and physiological state of patients with tension headache improves within 24 hours after receiving a 30 Minute massage.

30 Min – $40

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a journey of “mind, body and soul” away from everyday stresses. Using light to medium-firm pressure, the massage results in improved circulation, releases muscle tension and deep relaxation and calmness for the rest of your day.

60 Min – $64
90 Min – $94

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Swedish Massage using oils or lotions that contain essential oils. Aromatherapy enhances your massage experience by helping to align and balance your mind and body. Essential oils can aid in reducing stress, pain and discomfort.

60 Min – $70
90 Min – $100

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure and deep compression are applied to loosen restricted muscles, aid the healing of injured tissue, stimulate circulation and relieve aches and pains. Unlike classic massage therapy, which is used for relaxation, deep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem.

60 Min – $74
90 Min – $104

Hot Stone Massage

Penetrating heat of stones enhances relaxation response and helps to melt away stress and tension. The heat from the stones relaxes muscles and increases the blood flow to the area being worked on which further accelerates the healing process.

75 Min – $100
90 Min – $120

Prenatal Massage

Modern research has shown that a massage during pregnancy can improve circulation, ease back and hip pain, reduce swelling and promotes overall relaxation. We use a pregnancy cushion system that allows women to lay on their stomach, feeling completely supported at all times. (Recommended after 1st trimester)

60 Min – $74
90 Min – $104

Cupping Massage

Massage cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that’s based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and a poor energy flow through your body. With the use of special cups creating a vacuum or suction effect on underlying muscle tissue. The intended suction can range from light to heavy with many benefits, including increased lymphatic circulation, loosens adhesions, and relieves inflammation.

60 Min – $78
90 Min – $108

Add Dry Brushing to any massage – $12

Manicures &

Signature Manicure

For the ultimate in hand and nail pampering. After a relaxing soak, we begin with filing, shaping and meticulous cuticle work followed by a gentle hand massage. For a final touch, we will polish with your color choice.


Gel Manicure

Our signature manicure with a gel polish system that provides lasting color for approximately 14 days, superior shine and ZERO drying time using UV or LED lights to cure the gel. If you currently have gel that needs removing, please also schedule a Gel Removal Add-On.


Signature Pedicure

Indulge your feet, release stress and improve appearance. This decadent foot treatment begins with a revitalizing foot soak while enjoying a relaxing back massage in luxurious and comfortable pedicure chairs. Next, we provide complete nail and cuticle care, and exfoliating foot scrub, a moisturizing mask, and invigorating massage and polish of your choice.


Express Pedicure

A swift version of our signature pedicure minus the mask and massage. This pedicure is more of a maintenance treatment for those clients in between signature pedicure appointments.


Jelly Pedicure

Our signature pedicure with an upgrade from the traditional foot soak to a gelatin like mixture that delivers heat and aromatherapy to soothe and relieve tired and sore feet.


Hot Stone Pedicure

Our signature pedicure with the use of warm, perfectly smooth stones used to perform some of the massage of the feet and legs in order to induce deep tissue relaxation. Helps to release tight muscles with more ease and at a deeper level.


Gel Removal (Add-On)  – $12

Gel Polish Pedicure (Add-On)  – $12

Paraffin (Add-On)  – $12

French (Add-On)  – $10


When scheduling a nail service, please indicate if you need to add a gel polish or dipping powder removal.  This will allow us to schedule adequate time for your service.


Signature Facial

A relaxing, yet effective facial beginning with a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and massage for the face, neck and shoulders, followed by a mask and moisturizer designed for your specific skin type.

60 Min – $65

Express Facial

For those who want pampering and that instant glow in a flash.

30 Min – $47

Back Facial

A skincare treatment that provides deep cleansing, exfoliations, extractions and a detoxifying mask for hydration to the most neglected part of our body- the back. This skincare treatment leaves your back feeling smooth and hydrated.

45 Min – $58


All the benefits of a traditional facial but specifically designed for your most sensitive areas. This treatment for your vulva involves a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, Jelly mask and soothing moisturizer. Recommended for every woman that shaves or waxes.

30 Min – $45

Jelly Mask (Add-On for Signature Facial only) – $18

Hand or Foot Scrub (Add-On) – $12




Brows with Tint


Lip or Chin




Half Arm


Full Arm






Lower Legs


Upper Legs


Full Legs


Basic Bikini


Brazilian Bikini


Small strip of hair remains.



Smooth from front to back

**Prices subject to change without notice